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Models of Excellence

There is no perfect model, but we think certain cities help illustrate our proposition for creating a city-state: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin, Hamburg, Buenos Aires, New York.

We will document each of them over the next few months.


  1. The case for a more independent, post-Brexit London is gaining strength
  2. Comparer Montréal : Tableau de bord de la région métropolitaine de Montréal
  3. The Fast Lane: Lessons for London from Montreal’s fall
  4. Building Momentum in Montreal
  5. Forum montréalais sur la métropole
  6. Une métropole prospère et inclusive pour un développement durable
  7. Montréal Inc. donne du temps et de l'argent
  8. L'état du Québec 2016
  9. Some Countries See Migrants as an Economic Boon - not - a Burden
  10. A Republican Cure for Liberal Failures on Poverty
  11. Canada Forgot to Plan for its Future
  12. Sondage de satisfaction auprès des résidents de la Ville de Montréal, 2013
  13. Vancouver's Missed Opportunity
  14. The great divergence: America’s most successful cities, states and firms are leaving the rest behind
  15. Why Montreal was the perfect place for my start-up
  16. The Conference Board of Canada: Stronger Together
  17. How Cosmopolitans Can Win the Argument
  18. Zoning Out
  19. Henry Aubin - Looking Back
  20. Mayors and Mammon
  21. Québec à l’image de Rome - Le maire Labeaume rêve d’une « cité-État »
  22. Portrait of Greater Montreal
  23. Montreal Economic Institute – May 2007
  24. The Metropolitan Revolution
  25. Time article on Québec
  26. Oh Québec : Le Québec s’exclut de Startup Visa Canada
  27. Dette du Québec
  28. TED-Paul Romer: Why the world needs charter cities
  29. Des leaders pour le Québec
  30. UK growth? Make London independent to mend the north-south divide
  31. Hadekel: Sobering picture of Quebec’s economy
  32. Decongestion - Getting Calgary Moving
  33. The End of the Nation-State?
  34. City Reputation
  35. Manifesto for a city-state
  36. Quebec's Tea Party Moment
  37. How to keep bright young minds in Montreal
  38. Toronto’s problem has grown beyond its mayor
  39. Cities are cool, unpredictable and hard to control: Russell Brand should run for mayor
  40. Montréal-Québec : l’alliance redoutable
  41. Montreal, Quebec City to seek special status: Coderre Meets with Quebec City mayor for second time this week
  42. George Gilder on "Wealth is Essentially Knowledge" (WSJ video)
  43. Keeping the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive
  44. CFIB's “Cities in Boom” index (2013)
  45. the Discovery Institute
  46. Billionaire calls for California to be broken into six states
  47. How to Save Detroit
  48. Stand Up to Draconian Laws
  49. MONTREAL SUCKS AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT | The land of no opportunities, a city the world forgot
  50. Coderre attaquera de front la Charte de la laïcité
  51. MCS Michel David CJAD interview with Jean-François Lisée (Dec 2013)
  52. Quebec's Preoccupation With French Is Limiting Its Startup Scene
  53. White Paper: La soutenabilité budgétaire des finances publiques du gouvernement du québec
  54. Half of Quebecers think private enterprise harms society
  55. Former Quebec Premier Worries about Quebec's Economy
  56. Lessons from Argentina's 100 years of Decline
  57. Celine Cooper: Montreal as its own city state?
  58. Francois Cardinal: Manifesto for a City State
  59. Why Montreal Should Become a City-State
  60. Vive Montréal Libre!
  61. Plus de pouvoirs pour la métropole
  62. Créer un nouvel élan pour Montréal
  63. We Keep Montreal
  64. Montreal doesn't want a referendum: Coderre
  65. Non aux défusions
  66. Labeaume et Coderre demandent un «pacte métropole-capitale»
  67. Big-city mayors demand more autonomy from Quebec
  68. Montreal economy lags behind
  69. Not just another region
  70. This is Montreal, Ici on Parle Everything
  71. A stronger Montreal, a more prosperous Quebec
  72. Dreaming of Montreal as a City-State
  73. Breaking Quebec's logjam
  74. Sovereignty is overblown
  75. Fix Montreal's foundation before building a city-state
  76. Un Québec à réinventer
  77. Finally Montreal has political leverage
  78. Un Montréal fort pour un Québec puissant
  79. Snapshot of the history of Quebec Nationalism - 1959 to 2013
  80. Urban Nation
  81. What special status for Montreal does and doesn't mean
  82. Back in Opposition
  83. Un nouveau pacte pour les grandes villes du Québec (32 page report)
  84. Ideas for Renewing American Prosperity
  85. Quebec Closed for Business
  86. Cities of Opportunity
  87. What Montreal needs to become a truly global city
  88. Montreal's economic woes reflect conflicting ambitions
  89. Stagnation city: Exploring Montreal's economic decline
  90. Two Montrealers are breathing new life into the city's economy
  91. Immigration: Main Source of Growth
  92. Montreal needs special status -NOW
  93. Bilingualism benefits unilingual New Brunswickers, study finds
  94. Two Languages: It's Good for Business
  95. Blog: Québec 2025 par Joanne Marcotte
  96. The Economist: The world's most 'liveable' cities
  97. CITI: Disruptive Innovations III
  99. The 10 hottest startup ecosystems in the world
  100. Devenir Entrepreneur

Media Comments:

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  11. Montreal as city-state?
  12. Special status for Montreal?
  13. Opinion: Special status for Montreal would benefit all of Quebec
  14. Breaking Quebec - The Marois Malaise
  15. From interviews we did with the Conseil du Patronat
  16. Montreal can work! Let’s just do it!
  17. Montréal, Cité-État : le vrai changement que l’on attend tous?
  18. Le troupeau d’éléphants
  19. Sois belle et tais-toi
  20. Nous sommes tous Montréalais - Présentation de Monsieur L. Jacques Ménard
  21. Philippe Couillard veut donner plus d’autonomie à Montréal
  22. Our city faces a greater challenge
  23. Alberta-Urban agenda gets powerful boost
  24. Hatching start-ups, The Globe and Mail, 10-22-2013
  25. Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #182
  26. David, Grostern, Lozeau imagining Montreal as a City-State
  27. Montreal: All that Jazz!